The land of castles, myths, legends, whiskey and of course Guinness – Ireland! First stop – Dublin! Part 1

My husband and I are both travel enthusiasts. We love exploring new destinations!

Ireland was on both of our bucket lists and hence we decided to go and explore this beautiful country – The land of castles, myths, legends, whiskey and of course Guinness! Planning a trip to Ireland is very very tricky and to be honest, it will take you a trip there to realise that. It’s very difficult to explore the entire country in 10 days (that’s what we did). However, I’ll pen down the must see off beat places that we explored during our trip. This will definitely help you plan your itinerary for Ireland.

The best way to explore Ireland is by road. The Wild Atlantic way is a scenic drive and you’ll definitely encounter quite a few adventures along its narrow winding roads.

So, this is what our road trip looked like:

Dublin > Kinsale > Killarney > Ennis > Galway > Donegal > London Derry > PortRush> Belfast

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 4.48.22 pm

I know, we did pack in as much as we could and trust me this is just the overview of the itinerary!!

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Dublin: Our first stop!

Dublin is an amazing small city. The city of my favourite band U2 with all its interconnected canals and cobblestone pathways. We planned a 2 night stay in this little city and stayed at Temple Bar (big mistake as it was really noisy!!). In 3 days you can see a lot of this little city. It has a really great vibe as the general population is quite young and vibrant, thanks to the Trinity College and other universities around. Must see places are:

The Guinness Storehouse – Let me be honest, I’m a girl who loves my beer, but I had mixed feelings about Guinness and I was in for a big big surprise. The Guinness that is served in South Ireland is waaaaay different from the one they export to the rest of the world. I would recommend you go here on your first day and you wont regret it. At the end of the tour do not miss out on The Gravity bar, where you get your very own free drink of Guinness which goes really well with the panoramic views of the city!


Pic courtesy : Free Attraction Reviews

Temple Bar – Temple Bar is basically the cultural quarter and party district of Dublin. Caution: DO NOT LIVE HERE! It’s really noise, like 24×7. But, if you want to party like the Irish, this is the spot. Visit Temple Bar, that not only serves up the best Guinness but also some amazing live entertainment!

Badass cafe – While pub hopping in Temple Bar we stumbled upon this cafe, I walked in only because it was called Badass 😉 and the cafe/pub lived upyo its name cause we had a really bad ass time there. The One man band playing there was so good and so much fun, they needed crowd control. A must visit when you’re in Dublin.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 7.53.46 pm.png
Bottle display at the Jameson distillery

Jameson Distillery (If you are a whiskey drinker) : I’m not a Whiskey drinker, but my Husband is a connoisseur. So obviously, we HAD to go here. But, just like Guinness, the Irish changed my mind about Whiskey too! Irish Whiskey is triple distilled and tastes so smooth!

The Brazen Head : This is one of Ireland’s oldest Bars which dates back to 1198!!. So obviously, a must visit for great food, great music and some good ‘old Irish story telling!

Kilmainham Gaol :  Kilmainham Gaol has so much history which also contributes to its spooky nature! It mostly housed the prisoners of the Easter Rising (If you are a history buff) But it really gives you a sense of what was….creepy as hell!!

And last but not the least… we explored the city on foot… stumbled upon some really quaint antique shops, old-time confectioners and bakeries. There’s a lot of shopping too!

Dublin is a beautiful city…. so much to explore and a city where you can just stop and take it all in..

I hope you love this city as much as I did.

Look out for the other part series to this Irish road trip for the rest of the itinerary.  I will summarise this road trip series with a few do’s and dont’s and an approximate cost for a 10 day trip. So read on…




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