Travel series – Budapest (Eastern Europe)

Parliament building at night

“It’s beautiful here. They said that of course, that Budapest is beautiful. But it is in fact almost ludicrously beautiful.”

-Anthony Bourdain

I had the opportunity to visit Eastern Europe in September 2016. We had 3 weeks and so many places to fit into our itinerary. Budapest was one such place. Initially, while chalking out the itinerary, all I imagined Budapest to be was a place where I could party all night and soak in their natural hot springs in the day – and boy, was I in for a very big surprise! We were in Budapest all of 3 days but it was one of the most memorable times I’ve had!

Day 1:

We started off the day visiting the Buda Castle which is located on the Pest side of Budapest after crossing over the Chain Bridge. The Buda Castle offers stunning views of Buda.

Buda Castle

Stroll down the Buda castle district and indulge in the local shops selling handmade home decor and embroidered clothes. However, we were told that you can buy the same stuff for a much lesser price in downtown. So curb your inner shopaholic because the stuff you get is really pretty!

In the main square you will find Matthias church located opposite the fisherman’s bastion. Its one of the most beautiful churches I’ve seen. Although the church was first built in 1015, it was re-built in the 14th century in Gothic style and restored in the 19th Century.


The Matthias Church

Day 2:

We decided to take a hop on hop off tour to see the city sights and then probably narrow down on the places we wanted to spend more time on.

One such place was Andrassy Avenue and Heroes’ Square. Andrassy Avenue is a high street and one of the prettiest streets I’ve been on. Heroes’ square is another must visit. You’ll then understand why Budapest is often called the Paris of the east.

Heroes’ Square

While strolling around the Heroes’ Square we wandered around and stumbled upon what is referred to as the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. This is not a touristy spot, infact most people we spoke to afterward hadn’t been here.

Inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty Castle

We decided to make a picnic out of it and shop at a local fair which was just of the a fairytale.

Enjoying a picnic by the castle with local cuisine and brews

We ended the day on a high with a cruise along the Danube by night. That is the BEST way to take in this beautiful city. I would recommend that you not miss out on this cruise.


Day 3:

We decided to spend the morning shopping followed by lazing around in what Budapest is most famous for – their medicinal baths.

There are alot of options to choose from, but we went with one of the oldest baths – the Széchenyi Thermal Bath. Situated right next to the Heroe’s Square. Built in 1913, it is one of Europe’s largest medicinal baths with its 21 pools. It is also the first natural hot spring in Pest.

Pic courtesy

Its the most relaxed I’ve ever been. We opted for a massage as well which is performed by experts in the field and they cater to specific ailments like joint injuries/pains or back problems.

Other tips while traveling to Budapest:

Do check out the nightlife in Budapest. They have some amazing night clubs in the downtown Budapest. There are a few places to try in the St. Basilica square.

Enjoy a true knights feast at the restaurant called Sir Lancelot. Not only is this restaurant named after the great knight in King Arthur’s round table but it is also modelled after Medieval times with coat of arms et al. You get to eat in a platter with just a spoon and knife and drink out of a tankard. The meals the super delicious too!

I hope you enjoy your visit to this beautiful city as much as I did. Im definitely going back sometime to explore more of it. Im sure there’s alot more to see and discover!


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